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About Vacance

Vacance is a leading Israeli Boutique Tourism company. For more than 14 years our company offers Israelis the rent of charming villas, agriturismo, apartments, country houses, vacation houses and guest rooms in France, Italy, Spain, Greece and The Netherlands


Vacance is owned and managed by Adi Livnat and Dan Waldman and employs other 5 professionals – all experts in their field


What do we offer



We offer accommodations in the big cities in Europe, such as Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona, and country houses, villas, B&B and boutique hotels in the most charming parts of Europe: Tuscany, Umbria, North Italian lakes, Piemonte, Amalfi coast in Italy; Provence, Normandy, Brittany, Loire Valley, Alsace, Dordogne in France; Catalunya, Andalusia, Costa Brava, The Basques in Spain, Peloponesus, Pilion, Crete in Greece; And other areas in Holland. We also offer chalets and houses in the mountains: The French Alps, Pyrenees, and the Dolomiti



In Vacance, we emphasize High quality standards of service



How do we work


  • Work with our clients very personally
  • Visit all houses we offer
  • Meet houses owners and agents
  • Offer clients available houses
  • Provide clients with recommendations, tips and travel plan



Who are our Clients



Young couples, families, groups of friends, retired couples

Quality clients, who travel abroad at least once a year, and many of them have been many times abroad

Appreciate high quality, very clean and organized places, with good maintenance

Look for charming apartments and special properties



Our vision

Most of us do not have the chance to go on vacation very often, due to our intense jobs and stressful life. We, in Vacance, believe that a vacation should always be well planned and perfectly suited to our costumers' needs. In our era, when so much information is spread around the internet - sometimes very accessible and easy to reach – people lack the personal touch, the good advice and the useful recommendations that come from a personal experience. The web is so full with accommodation offers, that it is very easy to get lost. In Vacance, we offer the most needed added value: We visit all the houses, hotels and apartments we offer. We are able to offer our customers the specific house that will address their needs the most, provide them with the advantages and disadvantages of every house and find for them the perfect match. Our uniqueness is based on the personal relations we have with agents and house owners around Europe and on our good acquaintance with the different regions we work in. We try give our clients the best accommodation for their needs, and the best service during their vacation



Our staff is very professional, and each and every one of us would love to help our customers to plan their trip. We also offer car rental services, luxury car rentals and flights bookings through our very own travel agents, and other services – such as wine tasting, culinary services, theme vacations, cultural tours and personal tour guide



When you'll stop by our office in Tel Aviv, we would love to share our tips with you – on where to go, what you shouldn't miss and where you should eat


We wish you a great vacation



The Vacance Team